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La marca comercial de un fabricante por el que el consumidor conoce la empresa. Un fabricante puede tener varias marcas. Algunos fabricantes autorizan la utilización de sus marcas a otros fabricantes.
Familia de productos:
The product family is a generic trademark of a brand to indicate a very wide range of products, that can encompass multiple categories. We include product family in the Icecat product title.
Nombre del producto:
Nombre del producto es la identificación de un producto de una marca, generalmente conocido como Nombre del modelo, pero es no totalmente único, ya que puede incluir algunas variantes de los productos. Nombre del producto es una parte clave en el título de la ficha técnica del producto en Icecat.
Código del producto :
Identificador único del fabricante para un producto. Varios códigos de productos se pueden asignar a un código de producto original del fabricante si las especificaciones son idénticas. Mapeamos códigos erróneos y a veces variantes logísticos.
Categoría :
With a digital camera all the pictures you make are stored digitally, which means you can instantly view a picture after you have taken it and take as many pictures as you like, without having to buy new films all the time. It is easy to download the pictures from your camera to your computer, either at home or at the shop and edit them before printing. Once they are on your computer, you can easily share your pics with the rest of the world by putting them on-line, or e-mailing them to friends.
cámaras digitales
Calidad de la ficha técnica: creada/estandarizada por icecat
La calidad de la ficha técnica puede tener diversos niveles:
solo se ha importado información logística: Solamente contamos con información básica importada desde el fabricante, la ficha técnica no ha sido creada todavía por un editor.
creada por HP: la ficha técnica ha sido importada desde una fuente oficial del fabricante, pero no ha sido estandarizada todavía por ningún editot de Icecat.
creada/estandarizada por icecat: la ficha técnica ha sido creada o estandarizaa por un editor de Icecat.
En el mercado desde: 28 may 2006
Fecha en la que Icecat nota por primera vez que este producto estáa incluido en la lista de precios de los negocios online.
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Descripción corta, sumario HP Photosmart R725 6.2MP 1/2.5" CCD Plata:
Este corto sumario de la ficha técnica de HP Photosmart R725 6.2MP 1/2.5" CCD Plata se genera automáticamente y para ello se utiliza el título del producto y las seis características más importantes.
HP Photosmart R725, 6,2 MP, 1/2.5", CCD, 3x, 8x, 39 - 117 mm
Descripción larga, sumario HP Photosmart R725 6.2MP 1/2.5" CCD Plata:
Este es un sumario largo autogenarado de HP Photosmart R725 6.2MP 1/2.5" CCD Plata basado en las tres primeras especificaciones técnicas de los cinco primeros grupos de características.
HP R725, Photosmart. Megapixeles: 6,2 MP, Tamaño del sensor de imagen: 1/2.5", Tipo de sensor: CCD. Zoom óptico: 3x, Zoom digital: 8x, Intervalo de longitud focal: 39 - 117 mm. Modos de flash: Auto, Flash desactivado, Flash encendido, Reducción de ojos rojos. Máxima resolución de video: 640 x 480 Pixeles, Velocidad de cuadro de JPEG animado: 24 pps. Tarjetas de memoria compatibles: sd, Memoria interna: 32 MB, Tamaño máximo de tarjeta de memoria: 2 GB
This is a demo of a seamless insert of an Icecat LIVE product data-sheet in your website. Imagine that this responsive data-sheet is included in the product page of your webshop. How to integrate Icecat LIVE JavaScript.
Calidad de la imagen
The number (in millions) of light-sensitive picture elements known as pixels actually used by the camera's image sensor (CCD) to record light, and which are reflected to the final number of recorded pixels stored on the memory card.
6,2 MP
Tamaño del sensor de imagen*
Tipo de sensor*
A sensor is a convertor than measures a physical quality (light, temperature etc.) and displays this electronically on a device.
Sistema de lentes
Zoom óptico*
Indicates the optical zoom capacity, the number of times that the picture can be enlarged with the optics of the camera.
Zoom digital*
Indicates the digital zoom capacity, the number of times that the picture is enlarged thanks to digital technology.
Intervalo de longitud focal
Measure of how strongly the system converges or diverges light. For an optical system in air, it is the distance over which initially collimated rays are brought to a focus. A system with a shorter focal length has greater optical power than one with a long focal length; that is, it bends the rays more strongly, bringing them to a focus in a shorter distance.For an optical system in air, the effective focal length (f and f′) gives the distance from the front and rear principal planes (H and H′) to the corresponding focal points (F and F′).
39 - 117 mm
Zoom combinado
Exposición ligera
Demora del obturador
time between pressing the shutter release button and the picture is taken in seconds
0.32 sec
Modos de flash*
Different modes for a camera flash which are manually/automatically activated e.g. auto-flash mode, flash on with red eye reduction.
Auto, Flash desactivado, Flash encendido, Reducción de ojos rojos
Distancia útil de flash
3.0 m wide, 4.5 m telephoto
12.5 ft wide, 14.8 ft telephoto
Grabación de vídeo*
Recording moving visual images.
Máxima resolución de video*
This is the maximum resolution of video images. Resolution is a measure of the degree of detail visible.
640 x 480 Pixeles
Velocidad de cuadro de JPEG animado
24 pps
Vídeo, nota al pie de página
Maximum length is limited to the size of the memory card or internal memory.
Memoria interna
Cantidad de memoria medida en Megabytes instalados en el sistema hardware
32 MB
Tarjetas de memoria compatibles*
Types of memory cards which can be used with this product.
Tamaño máximo de tarjeta de memoria
The maximum size of memory card that can be used with this device.
2 GB
Capacidad de medios de almacenaje
How much data can be stored by the product.
32 MB internal memory, capacity: up to 15 photos (accepts SD cards up to 2 GB capacity)
Ampliación de memoria
Memory upgrades for the product (capacity).
4 GB
The description of display that can includes display type, resolution, size etc.
Diagonal de la pantalla*
Size of the display for this product, measured diagonally, usually in inches.
5,08 cm (2")
Resolución de la pantalla (numérica)
Total number of pixels that display has.
640 Pixeles
Puertos e Interfaces
PictBridge is an industry standard introduced in 2003 from the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) for direct printing. It allows images to be printed directly from digital cameras to a printer, without having to connect the camera to a computer using common connectivity like USB or Bluetooth.
Enchufe de entrada de CC
The socket/plug where the DC electricity supply connects to the device.
Puertos de entrada y salida (E/S)
An interface on a device to which you can connect another device.
-1 x Dock
-1 x USB
-1 x DC input
Cámara fotográfica
Modos escénicos*
Scenery mode', 'Portrait mode' and other modes which are manually/automatically activated on a camera and change the settings (e.g. exposure time) accordingly.
Playa, Documentos, Paisaje, Museo, Retrato nocturno, Panorama, Retrato, Deportes, Puesta del sol
description of the selftimer of the camera; like time of shutter delay; remote control etc
10 s
Impresión directa
With direct printing it is possible to print your photographs or other documents directly to a printer from a compatible device, without the use of a computer.
Frecuencia del procesador
The clock rate is the fundamental rate in cycles per second (measured in hertz) at which a computer performs its most basic operations such as adding two numbers. There are more factors, like internal memory size, that influence a computer's actual response time.
1830 MHz
Tecnología de batería*
The type of battery in the device, e.g. nickel–cadmium (NiCd).
Ión de litio
Tipo de batería
Description of battery supplied with the product, such battery form factor (e.g. AA/AAA).
Photosmart R07
Color del producto*
The colour e.g. red, blue, green, black, white.
Condiciones ambientales
Intervalo de temperatura operativa
The minimum and maximum temperatures at which the product can be safely operated.
0 - 50°C
Intervalo de temperatura de almacenaje
The minimum and maximum temperatures at which the product can be safely stored.
-30 - 65°C
Intervalo de humedad relativa para funcionamiento
15 - 85%
Intervalo de humedad relativa durante almacenaje
15 - 90%
Requisitos del sistema
Compatible con Mac
Product can be used with Apple Mac software and/or hardware.
Requisitos mínimos del sistema para Macintosh
Mac OS X v 10.2.8, 10.3, 10.4; 128 MB RAM; 250 MB available hard disk space; built-in USB
Peso y dimensiones
The measurement or extent of something from side to side.
93 mm
The distance from the front to the back of something.
23,2 mm
Height of the product
61 mm
Peso del producto sin embalaje (peso neto). Si es posible, se da el peso neto incluyendo los accesorios y suministros estándar. Tenga en cuenta que a veces el fabricante deja de lado el peso de los accesorios y / o suministros.
130 g
Peso del palé
417 kg
Peso del paquete
Weight of the packaged product.
570 g
Dimensiones del palé (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura)
Size of pallets (Width x Depth x Height) in millimeters.
1016 x 1219 x 1207 mm
Dimensiones máximas (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura)
Maximum dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) in millimeters.
93,3 x 23,6 x 61 mm
Dimensionaes de caja de cartón (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura)
9,9 x 7 x 5,9 mm
Peso (imperial)
Without battery
4.8 oz
Peso de palé
416,9 kg (919 libras)
Peso y dimensiones
Peso del producto opcional (imperial)
0.4 lb (with battery)
Dimensiones de Palé (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura)
1016 x 1219,2 x 1219,2 mm (40 x 48 x 48")
Peso del producto opcional (métricos)
0.15 kg (with battery)
Aprobaciones reguladoras
Certificado Energy Star
This indicates that the product is compliant with Energy Star, which is an international standard for energy-efficient consumer products.
Contenido del embalaje
Software incluido
Software distributed with another product such as a piece of computer hardware or other electronic device, or a group of software packages which are sold together. A software suite is an example of bundled software, as is software which is pre-installed on a new computer.
HP Photosmart Premier software for Windows and Macintosh
Otras características
Cantidad por palé
Quantity of a single product per pallet. If more than one product is packed per carton; this is the number of products (not number of cartons) per shipping pallet.
700 pieza(s)
Capacidad de vídeo
Capability of video recording/playback.
Dimensiones del embalaje (alto x alto x peso)
Dimensions of the packaged product (Width x Depth x Height).
170 x 137 x 61 mm
Intervalo focal de lente
A cylindrical piece of glass or plastic that receives and focuses light to form an image. Most cameras list an f-number and focal length for each lens. \nF-Number: Indicates the size of the lens opening (aperture). \nFocal Length: The distance between the image sensor and the optical center of the lens. \nLens Adapter: Allows photographers to use special lens attachments (Macro, Zoom, Filters, etc.) on certain cameras.
Approximately 0.5 m to infinity (wide), 0.6 m to infinity (telephoto), 0.10 - 1.0 m (macro wide)
Flash integrado
The product has an internal flash. A flash produces a brief very bright light, used for taking photographs in poor light.
Consumo energético
Amount of power used by this model; expressed in watts
2,1 W
List of regulatory standards for all countries in which this product has been certified
Canada [Canadian Approval (CSA, cUL or equivalent)], EEA [one European Safety Agency mark (TUV, BSI, NEMKO), CE Certificate of Conformity], USA [NRTL (UL, CSA, NRTL or equivalent)], Croatia (ZIK), Czech Republic (EZU), Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania (Certificates), Hungary (MEEI), Mexico (NOM), Russia (GOST), Slovakia (EVPU), South Africa (Certificate), Slovenia (SQI)
Capacidad de memoria de video
Maximum length is limited to the size of the memory card or internal memory.
Compresión de datos
Requisitos mínimos del sistema
Pentium II (233 MHz minimum), equivalent Celeron or compatible; 128 MB RAM (for Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Professional, XP Professional x64); 400 MB available hard disk space (Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Professional, XP Professional x64); SVGA monitor (800 x 600, 16-bit color); Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Professional, XP Professional x64; CD-ROM drive; Internet Explorer 5.01 with Service Pack 2 or higher; USB port (compatible with USB 2.0 specifications)
Pentium 4 or higher, 256 MB RAM, 2 GB available hard disk space, monitor (1024 x 768, 24-bit color), sound card, Internet access with Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Acrobat Reader 5 or higher
Interface ports to connect pieces of equipment. USB (Universal Serial Bus) has become the most popular wired interface to connect peripherals. USB 2.0 supports speeds up to 480 Mbit/s (USB 1: 12 Mbit/s). The interface FireWire is also known as the IEEE 1394 standard. Enhanced IDE (EIDE)is sometimes referred to as Fast ATA, Fast IDE or ATA-2.
Dock - Foxlink FPA25420–HP
The single-lens reflex (SLR) is a type of camera that uses a movable mirror placed between the lens and the film to project the image seen through the lens to a matte focusing screen.
Grabadora de sonido
Device or software used to record audio (music or speech).
Modo de imagen
Action, Auto (default), Beach, Document, Landscape, Night Scenery, Night Portrait, Panorama left, Panorama right, Portrait, Snow, Sunset, Theater
Sistemas operativos compatibles
List of desktop operating systems tested as compatible with this product.
Windows 98, 98 SE, 2000, Me, XP Home, XP Professional, XP Professional x64
Profundidad de color
36 bit
Número de cajas de cartón por palé
Gestión de energía
Universal AC power adapter: 100 to 240 VAC (50/60 Hz) input; 5 VDC, 2000 mA output
Physical dimension.
9,32 cm (3.67")
Número de capas por palé
Longitud focal (equivalente a película de 35 mm)
39 - 118 mm
Dimensiones (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura)
Dimensions of the product (Width x Depth x Height).
93 x 23,2 x 61 mm
Tamaño del producto abierto
9,32 cm (3.67")
Velocidad de obturador
Determines the length of time the shutter lets light pass through the lens to the CCD. Shutter speed and aperture together determine exposure.
16 to 1/2000 sec
Sistema de lentes
Type of lens in this product, expressed as its characteristics including lens, zoom capability, focal length, 35 mm equivalent focal length, and aperture range.
6.5 mm, 19.5 mm
Funciones de control de imagen
Off, date only, date and time
Cantidad de estuches o cajas de cartón
Quantity of a single product contained within a case or master carton. This is for product contain in the smaller master carton configuration if there is more than one. For example; if there is a 24 unit and a 48 unit MC; this would be the quantity of units in the 24 unit MC
4 pieza(s)
capacidad de imagen fija (la mejor manera)
10 images; 2.69 MB file size; 2864 x 2160 resolution
capacidad de imagen fija (mejor forma)
15 images; 1.78 MB file size; 2864 x 2160 resolution
Capacidad de imágenes fijas
These numbers are only a guideline; actual numbers will vary by use.
Panel de control
Description of the control panel of the product; including the available buttons; and the function of each button
Top of camera: 7 buttons (Flash mode, Live view/Playback, Macro/Manual focus, Photosmart Express, Power, Shutter, Video); back of camera: 4 buttons (Menu/OK, Navigation, Zoom, Delete)
Características técnicas
HP Adaptive Lighting, HP Automatic In-camera Red-eye Removal, HP Design Gallery, HP Image Advice, HP In-camera Panorama Preview and Stitching, HP Video Prints
Compresión, PhotoSmart
Formatos de archivo de exportación
JPEG (EXIF 2.2) for still images, MPEG-1 for video clips
Índice de exposición a la luz
Auto (default), ISO 100, 200, 400
TTL (through-the-lens)
componentes LCD
Pictures remaining, battery status, focus brackets, shooting mode, SD card, image quality level, self-timer information, burst, flash mode, white balance, ISO speed, exposure compensation, saturation, sharpness, adaptive lighting, AE metering, bracketing, focus mode, contrast, F-number and shutter speed, remove red-eyes, digital zoom crop box, video icon and quality level, video counter
Peso del embalaje
1.26 lb
Memoria por ranura (máximo)
2 GB
Dimensiones del embalaje (Ancho x Profundidad x Altura)
170,2 x 137,2 x 61 mm (6,7 x 5,4 x 2,4")