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Toshiba 3 Years Int. On-Site (year 1 to 3)

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La marca comercial de un fabricante por el que el consumidor conoce la empresa. Un fabricante puede tener varias marcas. Algunos fabricantes autorizan la utilización de sus marcas a otros fabricantes.
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Nombre del producto es la identificación de un producto de una marca, generalmente conocido como Nombre del modelo, pero es no totalmente único, ya que puede incluir algunas variantes de los productos. Nombre del producto es una parte clave en el título de la ficha técnica del producto en Icecat.
3 Years Int. On-Site (year 1 to 3)
Código del producto :
Identificador único del fabricante para un producto. Varios códigos de productos se pueden asignar a un código de producto original del fabricante si las especificaciones son idénticas. Mapeamos códigos erróneos y a veces variantes logísticos.
Extending the warranty & support beyond that offered by the manufacturer/retailer, so that the purchase is covered for a longer period of time.
extensiones de la garantía
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Descripción corta Toshiba 3 Years Int. On-Site (year 1 to 3) :
Description editorial corta de Toshiba 3 Years Int. On-Site (year 1 to 3)

SE5453E - 3 year, On-Site, NBD

Toshiba 3 Years Int. On-Site (year 1 to 3):
Descripción comercial oficial de Toshiba 3 Years Int. On-Site (year 1 to 3) provisto por el fabricante
This Toshiba service upgrades the 3 years base warranty on your Toshiba laptop to a convenient 3 years On-Site Repair Next Business Day Response service

Key benefits

- Enhanced system coverage from day one - purchase your WarrantyPack at the same time as your Toshiba notebook

- Consistent service at the office or at home - we go to the customer

- Easy access to quality Toshiba service - one telephone number across EMEA

- Easy purchasing - one service part number across EMEA

- Easy access to quality Toshiba service - we are only a call away

- Simple budgeting - all parts and labour are covered by the service package

- Fast convenient repair service - minimises downtime, maximises productivity

- EMEA consistent service - on-site or while travelling away from the office, we come to you


- Once registered, the service is valid for three years from the initial purchase date of your Toshiba notebook.

Service level

- To obtain service, simply call the Toshiba Support Centre using one toll-free telephone number across EMEA. If the problem is hardware related, Toshiba will endeavour to provide a Toshiba certified service engineer before the end of the next business day, assuming the call has been accepted before 3:00 p.m. local time.

- This service upgrades your three years standard warranty on your Toshiba notebook to three years On-Site Repair Next Business Day Response service.

- If the problem is hardware related, Toshiba will endeavour to provide a Toshiba certified service engineer before the end of the next business day, assuming the notification of the problem have been received by 3 p.m. local time.

- To obtain service, simply call the Toshiba Support Centre using the phone number in your country. If the problem is hardware related, Toshiba will endeavour to provide a Toshiba certified service engineer before the end of the next business day, assuming the call has been accepted before 3:00 p.m. local time

Service hours

- This service is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, excluding public holidays.

Service coverage

- In the EMEA countries where On-Site Repair Next Business Day Response service is not available, the highest level of service available will be provided.

- This service only covers the cost of service parts and labour required to restore the product to full working order as well as the cost for providing a technician on-site.

- The service is provided at customer's location located within a 100 km radius of major cities. If a service request is generated for a laptop located outside the 100 km radius, the service will be provided on a best effort basis.

- This service includes helpdesk support for hardware classified service requests.


- This service is only available for Toshiba notebook models with a three year standard warranty. Please check the compatibility list below for an exact overview of the compatible notebook models.

Geographic coverage

- This service is available to Toshiba customers owning a Toshiba notebook registered for this service and resident or travelling within one of EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) countries supported, including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


- To activate your WarrantyPack, you must register on-line at:

- This WarrantyPack is only valid if purchased within 30 days of the procurement of your Toshiba notebook and must be activated within 30 days after purchase in order to use the service.
Descripción corta, sumario Toshiba 3 Years Int. On-Site (year 1 to 3):
Este corto sumario de la ficha técnica de Toshiba 3 Years Int. On-Site (year 1 to 3) se genera automáticamente y para ello se utiliza el título del producto y las seis características más importantes.
Toshiba 3 Y, On-Site, NBD, 3 año(s), In situ, Portégé M750-12F Portégé R700-15R Portégé 4000 Portégé R200-126 Portégé R400-100...
Descripción larga, sumario Toshiba 3 Years Int. On-Site (year 1 to 3) :

Toshiba 3 Y, On-Site, NBD. Número de años: 3 año(s), Tipo: In situ, Compatibilidad: Portégé M750-12F Portégé R700-15R Portégé 4000 Portégé R200-126 Portégé R400-100...

Este es un sumario largo autogenarado de Toshiba 3 Years Int. On-Site (year 1 to 3) basado en las tres primeras especificaciones técnicas de los cinco primeros grupos de características.

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Número de años
3 año(s)
In situ
Día hábil siguiente (DHS)
Portégé M750-12F Portégé R700-15R Portégé 4000 Portégé R200-126 Portégé R400-100 Portégé R600-101 Portégé M750-10L Portégé R700-181 Portégé R700-1DD Portégé R100 Portégé 2010 Portégé M200-105 Portégé M100-104 Portégé M750-11R Portégé R500-126 Portégé R500-12S Portégé R600-10Q Portégé R500-106 Portégé M750-13C Portégé M780-102 Portégé R700-17X Portégé M100 Portégé S100-100 Portégé R200-130 Portégé M750-116 Portégé R500-100 Portégé R500-124 Portégé R500-11B Portégé R500-11C Portégé M400-11G Portégé M700-13P Portégé M750-12G Portégé R600-13X Portégé R700-160 Portégé R700-17Z Portégé M400-146 Portégé M700-11F Portégé R600-12L Portégé R600-110 Portégé M700-139 Portégé R600-11B Portégé R500-11Z Portégé A600-14C Portégé A600-16P Portégé M750-159 Portégé M780-10X Portégé R700-183 Portégé R700-182 Portégé S100-115 Portégé S100-101 Portégé M200-152 Portégé M300-102 Portégé R200-110 Portégé M750-11W Portégé R600-12G Portégé A600-16N Portégé R400-106 Portégé M400-10P Portégé M750-10K Portégé A600-12O Portégé M700-13B Portégé R600-13Z Portégé R600-140 Portégé R700-15U Portégé M780-10H Portégé R700-1DF Portégé A100 Portégé M200-102 Portégé M100-112 Portégé A200-120 Portégé M300-101 Portégé M400-143 Portégé M400-145 Portégé M800-106 Portégé R500-10I Portégé R500-125 Portégé R600-10T Portégé M700-13A Portégé R500-10J Portégé M780-106 Portégé R700-15T Portégé R700-15V Portégé R700-185 Portégé R700-1DH Portégé 7220CTe Portégé 2000 Portégé 4000 Portégé M200 Portégé M400-105 Portégé M400-144 Portégé R500-10U Portégé M400-11H Portégé R600-108 Portégé R600-149 Portégé R700-15W Portégé R700-155 Portégé R700-15X Portégé M780-10V Portégé R700-184 Portégé R700-1DC Portégé R700-1DE Portégé R700-1DG Portégé M780-112 Portégé 3500 Portégé R100 Portégé M700-110 Portégé R600-12Z Portégé R500-11K Portégé R600-102 Portégé M750-10J Portégé A600-122 Portégé M800-11J Portégé R600-11Q Tecra A10-1C5 Tecra M10-1CD Tecra M10-1CN Tecra R10-142 Tecra M11-17W Tecra M11-14L Tecra 8200 Tecra 9100 Tecra S1 Tecra A5-102 Tecra A2-502 Tecra A8-162 Tecra M5-388 Tecra M9-12C Tecra M9-12S Tecra A10-10P Tecra M9-14B Tecra M10-19V Tecra M9-1B7 Tecra A10-104 Tecra M9-136 Tecra A9-51S Tecra A10-16D Tecra M9-12L Tecra R10-10H Tecra A9-13P Tecra A9-150 Tecra M10-1CE Tecra M11-11K Tecra M5-102 Tecra A2 Tecra A4-160 Tecra M7-115 Tecra A4-132 Tecra M5-210 Tecra A6-176 Tecra M9-101 Tecra M10-11V Tecra M10-12M Tecra A9-50X Tecra M10-11X Tecra M10-14S Tecra M10-15A Tecra M9-13A Tecra A9-151 Tecra A9-153 Tecra M10-1H6 Tecra M11-17V Tecra M1 Tecra A3X-140 Tecra A3X-137 Tecra M5-208 Tecra A2-104 Tecra A6-108 Tecra M5-127 Tecra A2 Tecra A6-131 Tecra M5-389 Tecra M5-390 Tecra A8-180 Tecra A9-11K Tecra M9-15R Tecra M9-149 Tecra M9-14C Tecra M9-1B8 Tecra A8-106 Tecra A9-51B Tecra A10-14P Tecra A10-156 Tecra A10-19P Tecra M11-11J Tecra M11-11L Tecra M11-17U Tecra 8200 Tecra A3-151 Tecra M3-272 Tecra A6-132 Tecra M3-177 Tecra A8-191 Tecra A8-176 Tecra A9-127 Tecra A9-11M Tecra M9-15H Tecra M9-15I Tecra M9-14F Tecra R10-114 Tecra M10-17H Tecra M11-130 Tecra 9000 Tecra A5-145 Tecra M4-154 Tecra A2 Tecra M5-211 Tecra M3-117 Tecra A3-100 Tecra M5-386 Tecra M5-387 Tecra M9-139 Tecra M10-18M Tecra A9-12H Tecra M10-10W Tecra R10-11B Tecra A9-102 Tecra R10-143 Tecra M10-1H4 Tecra M10-1H5 Tecra M11-11M Tecra S1 Tecra M1 Tecra A3X-136 Tecra A5-101 Tecra A6-107 Tecra A5-119 Tecra A5-120 Tecra A8-166 Tecra M9-196 Tecra M9-15T Tecra M10-10H Tecra R10-112 Tecra A9-51U Tecra A9-51V Tecra M10-15B Tecra A10-16E Tecra M10-1H3 Tecra S1 Tecra M4-102 Tecra M5-101 Tecra M5-128 Tecra A4-163 Tecra A4-109 Tecra M3-116 Tecra A8-192 Tecra A8-193 Tecra A6-171 Tecra M10-196 Tecra A9-16I Tecra A10-112 Tecra A9-12G Tecra M9-147 Tecra S10-11R Tecra M10-1DG Tecra M10-1K1 Tecra M11-17Z Tecra M11-135 Tecra 9100 Tecra 9000 Tecra A3-146 Tecra M5-103 Tecra A4-111 Tecra M7-102 Tecra M9-104 Tecra A9-16H Tecra A9-11I Tecra M9-15S Tecra M10-10I Tecra M7-111 Tecra M9-12K Tecra M9-12T Tecra M9-15K