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Taxonomy management
Taxonomy management
Uniform, standardized and compelling content
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Uniform, standardized & compelling content

Most ecommerce sites offer product finders, product comparison and online advisors, that help consumers and professional buyers select products that meet their specific needs. With standardized product features, data can be used as selection criteria, making product analysis possible. To meet the challenging standardization needs of cutting edge ecommerce sites, Icecat editors and engineers are transforming unstandardized manufacturer product data into fully standardized Open Icecat data-sheets.

For example, for feature value “height” only numbers should be used, and an indication of the unit used (e.g. cm or inches).

Additionally, high-end retailers typically have their own in-house taxonomy. Icecat taxonomy is so well-normalized and granular that it can always be used to match the retailer's taxonomy. This matching process typically involves mapping.

High-level Icecat has a generic taxonomy, plus a taxonomy or data model per catagory. In Icecat generic taxonomy it has already transformed the raw product data of 35797 brands into fully standardized product information. The Icecat data repository contains millions of classified product data-sheets.

What are Icecat's standardization efforts?
  • Identification of products and digital assets
  • Classification of products and digital assets (e.g., correcting brand names, right-categorization, adding attributes)
  • Standardization of attributes
  • Accurate product content
  • Advanced search capabilities (searchable attributes)
  • Mappings from brand taxonomies and to retailer taxonomies
  • Standardization of product data
    Defining a robust and future proof taxonomy per category
  • Brand and platform Taxonomy Mappings
    Mappings from brand taxonomies to Icecat's taxonomy. And mappings from Icecat's taxonomy to platform taxonomies (e.g., Amazon's or Google's).
  • Productfinder
    Search engine for channel partners.
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